How do I wash my Drinique drinkware?

Drinique is dishwasher safe in residential and commercial dishwashers, on low or high heat.  We personally recommend using a high heat cycle to get the best results. Spotting from hard water can be reduced by using a dishwasher rinse agent. You can also wash your Drinique drinkware by hand with warm water and soap.  DO NOT USE abrasive brushes or sponges, Drinique drinkware can be scratched just like glass!

How do I keep my Drinique drinkware looking good for a long time?

Drinique recommends the following to keep your drinkware looking good for thousands of washes.  

RINSE AFTER USE WITH CITRUS: Citrus juice and pulp can cause hazing after prolonged contact. We recommend rinsing the glasses after use with any beverage containing citrus or essential oils, which are commonly found in fruit and vegetable juice.    

AVOID CONTACT WITH SUNBLOCK: Active ingredients in sunblock can cause a reaction to most plastics. We recommend washing your hands after applying sunblock to avoid staining on glasses.  

Is Drinique drinkware microwave safe?

Yes! All Drinique drinkware is microwave safe.  

Can I chill my Drinique drinkware in the freezer or refrigerator?

Yes! Many of Drinique's thick-walled designs help insulate  your drinks and keep them cold longer. We suggest chilling glasses in the freezer for that perfect chilled beer!